Introducing VIDA 4.0, the next generation of compact printer that provides so much more than just printing 

Providing the power to connect, capture, communicate and print

Multiple connectivity options, making it easy to connect to
VIDA 4.0 creates a hub to capture data from a number of primary devices 
Data stored locally and to cloud based software so you can analyse data from anywhere
  • Giving your device, additional features - without the cost of development and manufacturing

  • Digitising printing, resulting in a powerful and smarter way to print

  • Data is captured and can be sent securely to cloud based services allowing you to analyse and manipulate

Supporting applications across a range of sectors

Digitising printing, bringing more value to your devices

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  • It gives your existing device a range of features without the cost of product development and manufacturing

  • No minimum order quantities, if you require one unit or one thousand, we can meet your requirements

  • It will give your device(s) the ability to connect to networks and web services

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