VIDA 4.0 and The OEM

As well as adding huge value to the end user experience, VIDA 4.0 has a whole range of benefits for the OEM 

Benefits to the OEM

Insight like never before

VIDA 4.0 provides OEMs with insight like never before. From statistical data on performance through to providing servicing requirement notifications  - VIDA 4.0 will save OEMs money on product support as well as provide powerful insight on end user usage to inform future product development and manufacturing.  

Extends lifetime value of your existing device

VIDA 4.0 adds a new dimension to any existing device and extends the product lifecycle as it provides additional features without the need for product re-design. Providing the power of data collection and communication via the internet, enables an OEMs device to meet the ever changing need's of the end user adding even more value resulting in an increase in revenue.

Bespoke to your device's needs

VIDA 4.0 is a solution that will be built to meet your exact needs as the OEM. We will work closely with you to ensure that VIDA 4.0 fully supports your device, providing the features that the end user requires as well as smart functionality that ultimately increases profitability for the OEM.

Any order quantity

Whether you require one unit or one thousand, we will offer a 'no minimum' order quantity, so this is a no risk solution. VIDA 4.0 will be built to your specification in the volumes that you require.
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